After creating great content, your next priority should be to deliver it to the target audience. If  your content delivery system does not work efficiently, may be your content creation efforts go in vain.

State of Digital contributor Sean Potter has shared 14 ways to help you level-up your content delivery process.

Potter says, “Fostering an environment of trust, efficiency and high standards is a challenge that those in content teams need to embrace and find solutions to. From leadership to team members, agencies to in-house, there are several fundamentals that you should look to consider.

In this post, I’ve taken a look at what these are, why they’re important and offered my own perspective on how to interpret each of these to your benefit!

1. Get Different Departments Involved

When you’re holding your initial ideation sessions, it would be prudent to at least occasionally involve different departments in the creative process. The design team, for example, may think about a subject very differently to PRs or content writers.

Another point well worth making here is that development can also play an important role here too. If you’re looking to create a landing page with deeper interactivity, or a more complex asset to sit within your piece”.

14 Quick Tips To Level-Up Your Content Delivery

State of Digital

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