Long-tail keywords are the keywords that are more specific, they are longer than commonly searched for keywords. With long-tail keywords, you can achieve a higher conversion value.

Tim Stodz has published a new video ‘How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Grow a Profitable Business’ to help you rightly use long-tail keywords for growing a profitable business.

Stodz says, “In this video, I explain what a long tail keyword is. I also go through some examples of what a broad phrase keyword is and I compare it to a long tail keyword so you can see the different examples. At the end, I go through the 3 reasons why long tail keywords are so effective.

The three reasons are below. First, long tail keywords have a very high conversion rate. When the search intent is so specific, you can figure out exactly what problem someone has by what they are searching for. With intent comes conversion. Next, we talk about how to use long tail keywords by finding opportunities with less competition. The more specific the search query, the less competition there is”.

Watch the video here.

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