The latest version of Mobile Profitrace has just been released.

This training shows you how to take advantage of push notifications to promote CPA offers. The author of this training, Liming Wu, has found that these two technologies work together well to add an income stream to your business.

The important point about push notifications is that everyone who receives them has opted in, saying that they want to receive them. Once you have that opt-in, you can keep in direct contact with these users.

Since they have already shown interest in your communications, they are about the best prospects you can get. That means that they will score high on all the important marketing measurements: open rate, opt-in rate, engagement, and conversions.

Marketers often talk about making sure the buying process is “frictionless”. Well, Mobile Profitrace 3.0 greases the skids on any future promotion you do.

For push notification campaigns, you don’t need a big budget. In fact, you can get started with as little as $5 and start seeing results.

You are getting a collection of training videos that make sure you know just what to do to to get started with these sales campaigns.

Find out the whole story, get your questions answered, and get your own copy here: Mobile Profitrace 3.0.

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