Push Notification has become a popular source of website traffic in the last 24 months. It has advantages since these notification boxes pop to the front of the subscriber’s screen, where they are likely to be noticed and acted upon.

But there are also disadvantages that need to be dealt with. Liming Wu, a long-time online marketer has been experimenting with making push notifications work, Not just in general, but in particular, for CPA (Cost per Action) marketing, where they have seldom been tried.

He says that he has found that using push notifications to market CPA offers, he has earned $768.40 on his best days (which may not be typical, but some beta users are also doing well.)

At 9:00 AM EDT, today, Wu is releasing Mobile Profitrace 3.0,

In this new training, Wu shows the detailed steps for using “push” traffic to increase CPA earnings.

CPA is usually hard to become proficient in. Usually a beginner spends far more on traffic than he earns in commissions. Only with rgreat experience, does the return on investment become positive.

But Wu’s training may help you avoid that learning curve. He and his partner report, “After conducting a ton of tests on different ad angles, finally we cracked the code and we know you just only need to change a couple of small things to get your campaign from negative ROI to 500% ROI or even more.”

Wu says that no technical or programming expertise is needed to implement this training. Anyone can do it.

Take a look at what he is sharing and see if it will help you, here: Mobile Profitrace 3.0.

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