To achieve success in constantly changing business environment, and especially in the era of a pandemic like COVID-19, you need a leader who is open for change.

Entrepreneur magazine is hosting a webinar ‘The Recipe for Successful Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Market’ on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

The Entrepreneur team says, “Businesses have either suffered or soared during the pandemic. If you want to hear from the CEO of a  that has thrived to become one of the most in-demand services during quarantine, mark your calendars. This C-suite leadership series is hosted by Comparably co-founder/CEO  as he sits down for a virtual fireside chat with Linda Findley Kozlowski, CEO of Blue Apron (: APRN) — the pioneer in healthy meal prep delivery service. The conversation will center around practical “If I Knew Then…” leadership advice, personal life philosophies and guiding principles, and the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in today’s landscape.

Other topics that will be covered include:

  • The recipe for managing a public company with a spike in demand
  • How to scale as a  in a rapidly changing market
  • Key ingredients for risk-taking leadership
  • The measurement of great workplace culture, pre- and post-pandemic
  • Food waste and the future of sustainability“.

The Recipe for Successful Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Market


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