James Renouf has been experimenting with using the power of Facebook groups for marketing.

They are powerful because the members of the group tend to honor the group leader an, as a result, tend to follow his/her suggestions. For an ethical group leader who only suggests useful products, this relationship can be the gateway to a long-term income.

Today, Renouf is sharing the results of his experiments with other online marketers. The training is called Group Bomb.

It shows you how to get sign-ups for your group for only two or three cents each. That is a very attractive proposition for a marketer. It is much lower than the cost of getting sign-ups for your mailing list.

Then, once you have your group operational, The training shows you how to automate the group. You don’t even have to personally participate in it if you don’t want to.

Facebook will even start promoting your group for you.

You can choose your own niche, whatever you like. Facebook has enough members that there will be a number interested in your niche. It surprised us to learn, for example, that there are 500,000 people is a group about Crockpots.

There are quite a few groups in the Internet marketing niche, so you will have a lot of competition there, but that isn’t true of many niches. IM marketers are always looking for new marketing channels online, so they are the early adopters of using

In most niches, there is room for you (that may even be true in the IM niche; it’s worth a try) because there is so little competition from other marketers who are doing this, and there are so many niches to choose from.

Many groups are started by hobbyists who want to get together with people to share their passion. Group Bomb shows you how to put your group to work for your business. If you are passionate about it, so much the better.

This training opens up this morning at a low price. It can give you the insight and the belief in the possibilities that groups provide, and get you moving on this new exciting opportunity.

Get your own copy here: Group Bomb.

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