By analyzing your marketing performance you can learn about the changes you need to make in your marketing strategy and campaigns.

Social Media Today’s Aleh Barysevich has shared a list of eight marketing metrics that can help you improve your marketing in 2020.

Barysevich says, “These days, there’s a heap of performance measures you can keep tabs on, but in this post, I want to outline some of the most important metrics you should be tracking – and how they’ll help you improve your overall performance.

1. Leads

Generating leads is one of the hardest and most important marketing tasks. Most of what marketing does is aimed at finding or producing leads – people that are potentially interested in your product and can be converted into paying customers.

Tracking leads is the first thing you should be doing. It’s vital to both track the total number of leads generated per month and leads generated by each marketing channel (social media marketing, social advertising, search advertising, content marketing, email marketing, etc)”.

8 Marketing Metrics to Focus on in 2020

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