Interactive content refers to a type of content that helps you to improve engagement. It helps you to initiate action and participation from the audience.

HubSpot contributor Eric Peters has shared eight examples of interactive content and how it can grow your business.

Peters says, “The benefit being a higher likelihood of harnessing the audience’s ever-decreasing attention span by publishing stories with interactive elements so they gain an active role in consuming information. By dazzling the audience with an unexpected experience, you can increase engagement, on-site dwell time, and social share rates.

In theory, any type of content can incorporate interactive elements. Interactive marketing requires ingenuity and innovation, and here are some of the ways interactive content currently shows up on the web:


By their very nature, quizzes are interactive since input is required from the audience in exchange for valuable personalized content.

Interactive Infographics

Unlike static infographics, interactive infographics prompt the audience to take their own journey through the information being presented”.

8 Engaging Examples of Interactive Storytelling in Content Marketing

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