An effective ad copy helps you to influence more people and persuade them to make a purchase. To achieve best results from your ads, you need to avoid mistakes that may harm your business.

PPC Hero‘s Diane Chelius has shared an article on reducing  ad copy mistakes with ad content calendars.

Chelius says, “In this blog, I will describe one situation, pre and post ad content calendars, and how the additional coordination across teams has helped get quality ads implemented and refreshed consistently in a Google Ads account.

Content Calendars For Education Advertisers

A brand I work with has multiple schools spread across the US. A few years ago, we tested urgency ads with the school application dates included in the ad copy. We also tested countdown ads. (To read more about this test, check out this blog post, How You Can Generate More Conversions for Lead Generation Accounts.) These ad strategies, including the application date in the copy and using countdown ads, worked really well for the brand because they are so specific to each school. That said, it usually takes a bit longer to implement these ad styles”.

Reduce Ad Copy Mistakes With Ad Content Calendars

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