User-generated content is one of the most precious form of content that can help you to grow your online sales. Product review is one such form of UGC you can use to skyrocket your sales.

Hack Entrepreneur has shared some useful tips on using product reviews to grow your sales.

Kurt Philip says, “Product reviews are genuinely essential to any online store’s marketing success. Not only do these reviews build trust and loyalty between the brand and the consumer, but they also help to set a product apart.

A savvy online shopper is unlikely to purchase an item without feeling confident that it will work for them and their life. Data gathered by Podium has even shown that 93 percent of consumers say online reviews impact their purchase decision.

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The more reviews a product (or brand) has, the more convinced a potential buyer will be that purchasing that item is the right decision. That’s straight from a BrightLocal consumer study that looked at the power of consumer reviews”.

How to Write a Product Review & Skyrocket Your Sales

Hack Entrepreneur

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