For several years, ever since internet technology has been available, real estate brokers have shown their properties online. Pictures and descriptive text have created a way of displaying houses online that have attracted prospective buyers to choose their top favorites so they invest their in-person time in just the few houses that are the best candidates.

For years, this has been a marketing tool agents have found helpful. But not to long ago, a new improved online technology was created, the virtual house tour. No longer do buyers have to see only static still pictures.

Now, there is motion video, and one of the best forms of this video is the 360 degree panorama. The visitor can move around a room by moving the cursor to look anywhere in the room that seems interesting, even making a full circle from wall to wall to wall, if they want.

This technology has a wider use than real estate, though. Every business is concerned with its profitability in these hard times, when many people do not want to venture out into crowds. To still market to these people, businesses need to be online since a lot of buying and selling is now done remotely.

To maintain a relationship with their customer, the business needs to give their website the feeling of their store, to give visitors a sense of familiarity. The 360 degree panoramic picture can show the whole store. And customers can imagine they are back where they belong again.

This technology allows businesses to showcase their offices, their showrooms, their car lots (or the inside of a car), etc, giving the customer a clear picture,even from the customer’s home.

Nearly any kind of local business can use this technology
► Gyms and spas
► Bed and Breakfast or (Airbnb) homes
► Home open houses
► Day care centers
► Car dealerships,
► Medical and dental practices
► Vacation rentals

The list is endless.

This weekend, new software that creates these 360 degree virtual tours was released to the public, called VR Agency 360.

If you own a business that would benefit from these virtual tours, this software is priced within the reach of even the smallest business.

If you have a marketing agency, this software lets you offer your video tour services to local businesses, thereby creating a new revenue stream for you while helping these businesses regain lost customer traffic.

You start building your tour with either a video or a succession of still pictures moving around the room or around the product you are highlighting.

If you use stills, VR Agency 360 can “stitch” them together to make a continuous panoramic view.

You can overlay interactive elements like calls to action, polls, quizzes, a logo, images, buttons, texts, optin pop-ups, sliders, timers and much more. If your Airbnb room, for example, has a Louis XIV armoire, add a label telling the viewer what it is.

Publish your virtual tours in any website or share them on social media and reap the benefits of a more immersive (a form of virtual reality, really) experience.

VR Agency 360 and the videos it creates are hosted in the cloud. All you need is to embed the link to your video wherever you need it. No download or configuration is needed.

Our readers get a collection of bonuses that work with this new software to build your automated marketing processes. See them all here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for VR Agency 360.

See examples of the kind of videos you can produce with this new software and get your own access here: VR Agency 360.

By the way, the launch price is increasing daily, so if you want this software, don’t delay. You can use the promo code vr4 to get a $4 discount.

Finally, we just invested in this software ourselves because we have a large tudor house in Lexington KY that we are planning to sell. This software will help us sell it. (If anyone is looking for a house in Lexington, use the Contact Us form to drop me a note.)

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