Funnels (a funnel is a collection of web pages you lead visitors through, promoting something on each page) are the building blocks of any successful online business.

You can create a funnel manually, but there are a number of software packages that make it a lot simpler to build the funnel you want.

When you send traffic to your funnel, there are people who drop out along the way, although some will travel the whole distance with you. These dropouts are referred to as “leaks” in your funnel.

That’s normal. Not every visitor will want or need everything you have to offer.

But you want to design your funnel so that you have as few leaks as possible. You do that:
1. By carefully selecting the products you offer
2. By writing sales copy that is as persuasive as it can be so that people see the value of the next product in the funnel.

If you don’t control the leaks, you will lose profits that could have been legitimately yours.

Almost all of the funnel builder packages on the market fail to include any way to optimize your results. You have to use expensive, complicated 3rd-party tools.

But into this gloomy situation, comes a new funnel builder just released by the Glynn Kosky team,Profit Sniper X, and it gives you the tools to optimize your funnels for the minimum of leaks.

Profit Sniper X makes “smart funnels” that adjust themselves in real time to optimize profits.

The 3rd-party testing and optimization software that was needed in the past can now be eliminated because this new tool allows you to include multiple versions of your pages, and it alternately shows visitors the different versions. It tracks which version works best and shows it more frequently. As its confidence grows in the selected version, you can eventually have it show that version exclusively.

Profit Sniper X:
► Includes DFY funnels that build your list and make commissions at the same time
► Lets you make your own custom smart funnels from scratch
► Automatically applies multiple advanced technologies to optimize your conversions & profits at every step
► includes traffic, hosting, step-by-step training and world class support.

No other funnel builder, to our knowledge, does all this testing and optimization for the funnels it builds.

To get started quickly, use one of the pre-built funnels (you are automatically approved to promote these offers), while you work out what you want to include in your own new funnels.
The hosting for your funnel pages is included, saving you on hosting costs.

With the cooperation of Glynn Kosky, we can offer our readers who invest in Profit Sniper X, the following 17 training bonuses (and you can enroll, at no costs, in the Affiliate Traffic Lab):
➡️ $100 CPA DAILY
➡️ $300 CPA Everyday
➡️ $500 CPA Everyday
➡️ CPA Coffee Shop Method
➡️ $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
➡️ $250 Cash Magnet
➡️ Pure Profit Payday
➡️ $200 Cash Hack
➡️ Six-Figure Influx
➡️ Instant Traffic Jacker
➡️ Million Dollar Toolbox
➡️ Commission Toolbox
➡️ Overnight Commissions
➡️ Commission Profit Hack
➡️ The Commission Glitch
➡️ The Commission Magnet
➡️ The Commission Blueprint

We will place the link to these bonuses (including Affiliate Traffic Lab) on the delivery page on WarriorPlus.

Check out this powerful new software here: Profit Sniper X.

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