Chances are that anyone who visits your website also visits Facebook on a regular basis.

They may come to your site, choose to not accept the offer you make for your product or service and then leave. It looks like you have lost a sale.

But wait, the next day, they visit Facebook. Suppose you have an ad on Facebook for your product, and they see it again. “Hmm,” they think. “This is advertised on Facebook. Maybe I too quickly turned it down.” Then they click on your ad. Now you have a second chance to market to them; you are “remarketing” to them. And this second chance may result in a sale.

That’s the premise of Facebook Remarketing, a service that Facebook has offered marketers for several years. It’s popular because it can boost sales at a reasonable cost.

With the new Facebook Remarketing Made Easy training, you can become a Facebook Remarketing expert and easily tap into what some have called “The Greatest Advertising Platform Ever”.

One more chance to present your offer to potential buyers. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

So remarketing is important; it brings in additional sales at low cost. But how can you do remarketing well (that is, for the lowest cost, with the best results)?

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy shows you how. The key to low costs is to only show your ads to Facebook users who are likely to buy. Choose your audience carefully. A big portion of this e-book is on this topic, finding the right audience to present your ads to. There are multiple strategies for finding a good audience explained in this book.

But that’s not the only important key to remarketing success. This e-book also shows you:
► How to write an ad for Facebook that gets clicks that lead to sales
► How to track your results so you can optimize them, for a better return on your investment
► Power tools to improve your remarketing
► Tips and techniques the experts use
► A case study of putting this training into practice.

Check out this new training e-book here: Facebook Remarketing Made Easy.

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