Remarketing refers to tracking visitors to your website who didn’t buy and when they visit a platform supporting remarketing (for example, Facebook) showing them an ad, to have a second chance to make the sale. The term comes from the idea that during their original visit, you marketed to them. The later ad “remarkets” to them.

Seer Interactive’s Ashton Underwood has shared an article highlighting ways to create remarketing audiences in Google and Facebook networks.

Underwood says, “The last time we saw you, we shared our tips and tricks in setting up a holistic paid social & search strategy. You didn’t think we’d forget about the 4th essential tactic of creating remarketing audiences, did you?

Haven’t read it yet? Head on over to read about the power of cohesive messaging, creative assets, & stages of the funnel tactics across your paid media efforts.

  • First, we’ll show you how to create remarketing audiences in Facebook Ads Manager based off of your paid search efforts
  • Second, round out your remarketing strategy by creating remarketing audiences in Google Ads Manager based off of your paid social efforts

Creating remarketing audiences off of your paid social & search campaigns has never been easier”.

How to Setup Cross-Channel Remarketing Audiences

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