Instagram video ads help you to reach your targeted audience. With high engagement rate on Instagram, your video ads investment can help you to grow your marketing performance.

Social Media Examiner‘s Mitt Ray has shared five ways to help you improve your Instagram video ads.

Ray says, “Want to do more with Instagram video ads? Wondering how to enhance your Instagram video ads?

In this article, you’ll discover five tips to create Instagram video ads that perform well in the feed.

#1: Focus on One Goal in Your Instagram Video Ad

Advertisers often think that to generate maximum ROI from their ads, they need to set and accomplish several goals. However, this only leads to a low conversion rate because too many goals will trigger a paradox of choice. With too many choices, viewers won’t know what they’re supposed to do next, and they’ll end up not taking any action.

To get the best results from your Instagram video ads, focus on only one goal at a time. The goal you set will depend on your overall business goal. If you want to generate sales, focus on driving more traffic to a conversion-optimized landing page. If you want to improve your brand image, create a video that positively reflects your business, and work on driving as many views as possible”.

How to Improve Your Instagram Video Ads: 5 Tips

Social Media Examiner

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