Google Analytics allows you to measure your advertising ROI and track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. You can also perform cross-domain tracking using Google Tag Manager.

Portent contributor Oeuyown Kim has shared an article on setting up and testing cross-domain tracking in Google Tag Manager.

Kim says, “Cross-domain tracking is required on your site any time you see sessions broken up across root domains. There are a few common situations that might break up sessions in GA:

Users Are Sent Through a Redirect

This has been the most common offender in my experience. A classic example is when a user submits a form and is sent through a redirect before hitting the thank you page.

In the example below, the user might start on and be sent through the Eloqua redirect without the page loading long enough for the user to notice it:


This results in all of these form-fill conversions being attributed to referral traffic from Eloqua”.

How to Set Up and Test Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Tag Manager

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