Searchmetrics‘ Tyson Stockton has published a new episode of Voices of Search podcast entitled ‘The “Death” of Ranking Factors’ featuring Brianna Anderson.

Listen to this podcast and learn about the new version of SEO analytics.

Stockton says, “The SEO community has long held ranking factors in high regard, although some in the community argue ranking factors are decreasing in importance. Join host Ben as he concludes his conversation with Brianna Anderson of BEAST Analytics as they discuss the impending “Death,” of ranking factors.


  • SEOs traditionally think Google first, instead of user first. In reality Google’s main goal is to answer user questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Often making small changes such as changing wording in the first paragraph of your content helps with obtaining more micro-conversions than optimizing for ranking factors would.
  • Whether backlinks are valuable as a ranking factor is up for debate, as Google still withholds information regarding them”.

The “Death” of Ranking Factors – Brianna Anderson // BEAST Analytics

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