Google continues to update its search engine algorithm to provide a better search experience to its users. Google’s May 2020 Core Update came into effect last month which has brought rank volatility to the SERP.

Rank Ranger‘s Mordy Oberstein has published an analysis of Google’s May 2020 Core update.

Oberstein says, “As part of our analysis of Google’s second core update of 2020, I did a bit of a deep-dive into some of the sites impacted by it. While there are any number of things Google is looking for during an update, one thing I did see pointed towards the search engine looking for highly-informative content to appear above the fold.

Specifically, I noticed numerous finance-related sites that offer affiliate products lose rankings when the truly informative content was not the first thing users saw on the page.

For example, sites that immediately jumped into quasi-informational affiliate lists or that presented navigation opportunities at the top of the page were often swapped for pages that dived right into the information the user most likely came for”.

May’s Core Update Spells Massive Ranking Movement

Rank Ranger

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