By personalizing your content and moving closer to your audience you can achieve desired content marketing outcome. Instilling the empathetic elements into your content is one such way to influence your followers.


The MOZ contributor Daisy Quaker has shared an article highlighting some useful tips to bring empathy into your content.

Quaker says, “In this post, I focus on cognitive empathy, which is the ability to understand how another person may be thinking or feeling. Cognitive empathy helps communication by helping us convey information in a way that resonates with the other person.

Feelings, who needs ’em?

I’ve always struggled with how to deal with my emotions. For much of my life, I thought that I needed to keep how I felt under wraps, especially at work. I recall tough days when I Googled reasons to get out of bed, and when I reached my desk, I would try to leave my emotions at home and just focus on working. Sometimes, the office felt like an escape. But usually, pretending to be unfeeling was a difficult if not impossible task. When this strategy backfires, our feelings overrule us. I’ve come to embrace the fact that emotions are what make me whole and human”.

Why and How to Bring Empathy Into Your Content


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