Social media advertising offers a flexible way (in terms of budget) to promote your products and services. With well-designed ads, you can persuade the social media users to take desired action.

Rival IQ is hosting a webinar ‘Social Media Advertising That Works’ featuring Nathan Okuley on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 1.00 pm ET.

The Rival IQ team says, “Join us for a live interview with Nathan Okuley, marketing strategist with years of experience with big brands like Mission Coffee Co., Justice, Ologies, and more.

With our host, Seth Bridges, Nathan will dive into the strategies behinds agile social media advertising on some of our favorite platforms.

  • Agency vs. brand advertising mentality
  • Big brand advertising strategies and how they differ
  • How to adapt your advertising when the world changes

We’ll also talk to Nathan about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected advertising and how brands are responding.

You can ask questions live, plus weigh in with your own opinions in this live video interview”.

Social Media Advertising That Works

Rival IQ

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