Facebook advertising is a great way to expand your online presence and grow sales. Creative Facebook ads can help you to boost your business growth.

Social Media Examiner’s Tom Welbourne has shared four ways to help you improve your Facebook ads.

Welbourne says, “To scale your Facebook ads for reach, try adding new ad sets to your campaign as you increase your ad budget. This process is known as horizontal scaling, and it involves researching new audiences using Facebook Audience Insights. Alternatively, you could create Facebook lookalike audiences, which expand on your existing lookalikes; for example, a 5% lookalike vs. a 1% lookalike.

With horizontal scaling, you spread testing across multiple ad sets, audiences, and ad creative. All of the following horizontal scaling strategies can be effective ways of growing and scaling your Facebook campaigns.

#1: Increase the Geographic Area of Your Audience Targeting

The type of business you run may determine the size of the audience you’re targeting with your Facebook ads. If your customers are located in a particular area, for instance, you may start by targeting your ads to that spot”.

How to Scale Facebook Ads: 4 Ways

Social Media Examiner

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