Many of you have hired freelance workers to assist in your online business. You probably used one of the major freelancing platforms (Fiverr being the most popular, but there are many others) to find the workers.

Maybe you were on the other side of those relationships, as a freelancer looking for clients.

It’s no surprise that freelancing is a 1 Trillion dollar industry. It meets the short-term needs of clients at a reasonable price. It’s a win-win for freelancers and clients.

But the ones really getting the most out of the freelancing industry are the platform sites. They get a commission for every transaction on their site.

Now you can be the owner of your own freelancing platform, branded with your own chosen name, using the new SaaS, MarketPresso.

You can compete with Fiverr. You can open up you platform to other freelancers. Or you can even be the middleman, connecting your clients with services delivered by freelancers on Fiver or elsewhere.

What differentiates MarketPresso from the rest of the Freelancing platforms?

1. Competition

Fiverr has close to a million freelancers competing in various categories. That means that if you try to sell services there, you have a lot of competition. The chances of getting any particular order are slim.

In MarketPresso, you own the MarketPlace.

You are the boss, and you have zero competition unless you choose to open your site to other freelancers, charging them a fee to participate.

2. Whose List are you Building?

Any online marketer has heard it over and over, “the money is in the list.” Other Freelancing platforms jealously guard their list. They prohibit you from serving a client you find there by going outside their platform. They know your client’s contact information; you don’t.

If they catch you trying to get client contact information, you will be banned from the platform.

With MarketPresso, you grow your own list. You own all your client contact information, not some impersonal platform company.

3. Heavy competition on other platforms means you have to compete, at least partially, on price, and that reduces you income potential. If other sellers are in a position to undervalue their offering, your income will be affected.

Since you own the platform with MarketPresso, you can set any price you think is right for making sales and doing it profitably.

4. Ongoing fees. All the public platforms charge at least 20% per transaction as a commission to them.

With MarketPresso you get started with Zero Commissions. You keep every penny you earn. Now, they do have expenses keeping the servers running that your platform runs on, so thay can’t be “no-fee” forever. But on the first $5,000 of sales, there is no fee, to get you up and running at no ongoing cost. After that, your fee will only be 1% of sales, not the 20% or more the others are charging.

5. With this new platform there is no limitation on offering services

Other Platforms allow you to sell a maximum of 7 different services.

With MarketPresso, you can create multiple categories of services you offer. Plus, you can create sub-categories and, within each your can sell as many products or services as you want.

So, with all these advantages, here is your opportunity to build a real online business, one where you sell your own services, or one where you host freelancers to sell their services, or one where you sell at one price and buy at a lower price and profit from the difference.

Use coupon ‘earlybird’ when you pick up MarketPresso, today.

Through 15 May, you get this new tool for a single low payment. After that, Karthik Ramani, the creator, says he plan to change the pricing to a monthly fee. Get MarketPresso now with all the bonuses.

What bonuses, you ask? Check out our bonuses here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for MarketPresso.

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