Google Alerts service enables you to keep yourself updated by monitoring the web for interesting new content. Via Google Alerts you receive news, blogs updated, web updates and video.

Seer Interactive‘s Tyler Cameron has shared an article on how to use Google Alerts for improving your SEO strategy. He has also shared three benefits of doing this.

Cameron says, “A major aspect of being a consultant is being the eyes and ears for your clients. Many lean on us to be an extension of their team, so it’s our responsibility to come to them with news about their competitors or industry, and how it could impact or influence our strategy.

Keeping a pulse on several different industries and competitors is a full-time job on its own, but an easy way to get the most relevant information straight to your inbox on what matters to you and your client is through Google Alerts.

Through Google Alerts, you not only can stay informed about what matters most, but you can also inform your SEO strategy”.

How to Use Google Alerts for Your SEO Strategy

Seer Interactive

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