Vertical Leap’s James Faulkner has published an article titled ‘How Much Do Google Ads Cost?’ to help you learn about the expenditure while setting up Google ads. In this article, Faulkner has shared information on average Google Ads cost per click, Google Ads CPCs vs social advertising platforms and more.
He says, “Google Ads is the most in-demand advertising platform in the world. Average CPCs range from £0.48 to £1.95 depending on the channel. In this article, we take a closer look at how much Google Ads cost across different industries and how these ads compare to other platforms. What is the average Google Ads cost per click? The first thing advertisers will look at when assessing the potential cost of any platform is the average cost per click (CPC). Of course, the amount you pay for each click depends on all kinds of factors; your industry, business niche, competition, keywords, campaign quality, account settings and many other details. That said, we can get a rough idea of what you should expect to pay for Google Ads by looking at industry averages. Average Google Ads CPCs According to data from WordStream, the average Google Ads CPC is £1.95 on the Search Network. The same data shows that average CPCs on the display network is £0.48 while the average for Google Shopping campaigns is £0.54“. How much do Google Ads cost? Vertical Leap
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