By hosting webinars, you can enhance your online followers and create new customers. To make your webinar successful, you need to select the right topic, one in which you have appropriate level of knowledge.

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Robert W. Bly has shared eight steps to achieving webinar success.

Bly says, “Webinars have long been an effective content marketing tactic. Your prospects can hear you talk and see your slides right on their com¬≠puter screens. A typical sales funnel for a content marketing campaign incorporating a free webinar is:

  1. Put up a webinar registration page.
  2. Drive traffic to the registration page with an email invitation.
  3. Hold the webinar.
  4. Make a special offer at the close of the webinar.
  5. Follow up with emails reminding attendees and registrants of the special offer.

The biggest problem with webinars is that more and more companies are producing them. That means the web is getting cluttered with them, making it more difficult to get attention for your event. Build your visual webinar presentation like a high-quality sales letter, including all the elements that lead to closing a sale”.

8 Steps to Webinar Success


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