On this, the last day of the Content Sparks “done for you” course 50% off sale, the course is The Emotional Intelligence Advantage.

This is possibly the most important course in the sale, for your own business and for your followers. People want to feel that they are being understood and that their needs matter to the people they buy from.

As the familiar adage says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

For doctors, it’s “bedside manner” that wins the confidence of patients, understanding them and gaining their confidence through sincere conversation.

In fact, it’s not the ‘smartest’ people who succeed in this world. It’s the people who understand people, their co-workers, customers, bosses, suppliers, etc. You need to understand the people you interact with to succeed.

This is a skill (or actually, a cluster of skills) sometimes called Emotional Intelligence. If you have high emotional intelligence, you can intuitively understand how others would react to your actions and statements. That makes it easy to interact with other people. If you don’t have it, you are sometimes described as “emotionally tone deaf.”

With this skill, you can deal with difficult situations tactfully and easily build relationships with new prospects.

Fortunately, we don’t have to be born with emotional intelligence to be good at it. We can grow our capacity for emotional intelligence through training and practice.

Using The Emotional Intelligence Advantage as your guide, you can develop your own empathetic skills, and you can also teach your customers how to develop the 4 core behaviors of emotional intelligence, themselves.

Putting these skills into practice will help you (and your tribe) reach your goals and achieve your potential.

Combined with two earlier courses in this sale, Live Video Marketing and Keep Your Customers for Life, The Emotional Intelligence Advantage gives you a robust three-part training curriculum. Or it could become a powerful 90-day ‘virtual’ mastermind or a weekend live seminar.

As usual, there is a bonus that ties in with this course. This one is the Emotional Intelligence Kickoff Quiz that you can give prospective students in your course. This short yes/no quiz gets your students prepped and excited about starting your course.

This sale is only available today. This is the 12th and last day of the Content Sparks sale. They have left the earlier product sales open, in case you have missed any of them, but all 12 sales end at midnight tonight.

Get them all here: Content Sparks 10th Anniversary Sale, or get today’s product here: The Emotional Intelligence Advantage.

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