Hootsuite issued a report that found the 52% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, 43% comes from desktops and aptops; 5% comes from tablets and other devices.

And the mobile share is growing, while the share for desktops, laptops and tablets is shrinking. More and more, your site needs to be optimized for mobile. Pages should display correctly and quickly for mobile devices.

That’s why Google invented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Pages formatted as AMP pages are great for making your site work efficiently with mobile devices. Your main concern is how you can create these pages on your site.

New WordPress plugin Speedii creates AMP pages for you. It can also create a Progressive Web App for your site. In addition, it can create Facebook Instant Articles from your content.

All of this is built into the plugin; you don’t need to do any of this manually.

And (something which makes your site even more usable to mobile users; to any users, really, but especially to mobile users) it potentially makes your site available even if the user is not online.

Together, these enhancements improve load speeds, and better load speeds improve your search engine rankings, which ultimately provides you more search traffic traffic, more leads, and more sales because conversions increase when loads speeds increase.

You don’t need any special expertise or experience to get improved results with Speedii. Just install it (it only takes about a minute), and you’ll be able to optimize your WordPress website or blog with just a few clicks.

Who doesn’t need more results from their site? We all do. More speed is one thing that will surely improve your results. Checkout this new plugin to get your own improvements: Speedii.

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