Business 2 Community contributor Leah Kidd has published a new guide on ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

This guide will help you to create and maintain relationships with customers, find right CRM software for your business and more.

Kidd says, “In this guide we’ll examine how CRMs help companies build relationships with customers, how that effort can improve business outcomes and customer satisfaction, as well as some techniques for managing the process.

How to build relationships with customers

Why should you build relationships with your customers? Simply put, if your business doesn’t, your competitors will. One of the driving forces in modern consumerism is the rising expectations of customers, who increasingly demand that companies provide an omnichannel support experience. When they reach out to a business, they want to be able to do it from any channel—phone, messaging, email, chat, etc.—and they want to know that the company serving has a clear picture of who they are”.

Customer Relationship Management: A Guide

Business 2 Community

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