Well-designed email marketing campaigns can help you to increase your sales. Your campaign can achieve success with the elements such email subject, campaign timings and the content.

Email on Acid team is hosting a webinar ‘Prepping Your Email Campaigns from End to End’ on Tuesday, March 31.

Email on Acid team says, “Spend an hour with Email on Acid’s Geoff Traub and learn how Email on Acid’s comprehensive pre-deployment checklist, Campaign Precheck, can help your team send emails faster, collaborate more effectively, and see greater returns on investment.

Together, we’ll review the entire platform, showing you how to speed up email collaboration, add efficiencies to your workflow, and send out fully optimized and validated campaigns.

Whatever the size of your team, Campaign Precheck’s flexibility and adaptability can help your team be more effective and efficient”.

Prepping Your Email Campaigns from End to End

Email on Acid

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