Vick Carty has released new training a few days ago. We are late telling you about it, but it may be helpful to someone who loves to travel (after the virus has been conquered, of course.)

It’s called Free Red Carpet Magic, and it’s helpful to any marketer who wants to add some fun to their work.

Your clients could be in the travel publishing business, hospitality business or the visitor promotion business, anyone who would profit from increased traffic to their (or their client’s) destination.

In Free Red Carpet Magic, you will discover how you can offer a special promotional service to businesses in the travel industry, helping them promote their attraction or attractions their clients/members/readers are interested in. (This happens to have application to other industries, too, but travel is an obvious one.)

The advantage to you is that you get paid for delivering the service, but you also get travel-related perks, in addition. On top of that, in some cases, you can sell the same work to multiple clients.

But the bad news is that you have very little time left to get the Free Red Carpet Magic complete package at lowest price, as Carty reports that he plans to raise the price increases to 10X at 11:59 pm EDT.

Carty offers a 30-dy guarantee so there’s no risk for the next 30 days. Get this now before the price goes up: Free Red Carpet Magic.

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