With Billy Darr‘s new software, Affiliate Robot, you can automate your affiliate marketing.

That means that you won’t be tied to your desk. You can work whenever you want, for as long as you like, because the software works for you all the time, to provide you traffic, leads and (he reports) even sales and do it all in moments

Darr wanted the software to be practical even for beginners so he made it quite easy to use and, not only that, easy to scale as your business grows.

You are also getting the agency licence to Affiliate Robot, so you can provide marketing services to clients, as well.

Darr is increasing the price on this new tool every hour so it pays to be quick.

Affiliate Robot is an “all-In-1” solution for getting traffic, getting leads and getting sales. That’s a part of its power and what makes it possible for complete beginners to build a good business online.

The software sends your affiliate link (for whatever offer you want to promote) to 6 viral traffic-generating sources.

The launch has been very short: It started Monday; it ends Thursday. But during this launch you can get access to this software that can help any affiliate marketer improve their results.

Get all the details here: Affiliate Robot.

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