Your website plays pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. To increase your organic search traffic you need a well-designed site. An SEO-friendly site allows a search engine to explore and read pages across the site.

Neil Patel has shared a video ‘4 Design Tweaks That Can Boost Your SEO Traffic’ to help you design a website that gets you more traffic.

Patel says, “SEO isn’t just about getting backlinks and working under technical SEO. For a long time, Google has been adjusting its algorithm to look at user experience to determine rankings as well. So guess what? Design is one of the key aspects of user experience. So if you’re not doing a good job with your designs, your ranking will suffer. Today I’m going to teach you four design tweaks that can boost your SEO traffic”.

4 Design Tweaks That Can Boost Your SEO Traffic

Neil Patel’s Blog

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