The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing a global threat. It is reaching every nation and has resulted into lock-downs everywhere.

The Social Medea Examiner‘s Lisa D. Jenkins has shared 24 tips from top marketing professionals on how you should treat marketing in times of uncertainity.

Jenkins says, “Are you unsure how to approach your marketing during a crisis? Looking for wisdom from well-known marketers?

To help you make wise decisions during trying times, we tapped the minds of top marketers.

#1: Your Business Must Sell to Survive: Daniel Harmon

The Question: Should I continue to promote my business on social media? How?

Yes! Absolutely! Marketing on social media is like having a digital salesperson. Imagine firing all your salespeople and expecting revenue to continue. Should you adjust what isn’t driving results? Of course. Should you continue to try new messages and offers that fit the context of this environment? Absolutely.

The Question: Should I be running ads on social media? What kind of messaging should I use?

Yes. For the same reasons as above. Let’s talk more about what kind of message you should not be using. Don’t be tone-deaf (show your creative to others before you throw it in a campaign and offend people). Focus on the clarity of your message and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Show clearly how your brand solves a problem or satisfies a need people have”.

Marketing in Times of Uncertainty: Tips From Top Marketing Pros

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