There’s a relatively new technology being adopted by leading edge marketers, called Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Its primary use is on mobile devices. It has the advantages of a historic mobile app (now called a “native mobile app” to distinguish it from PWAs), but have two major advantages:
1. You don’t have to deliver them using the Apple or Android app stores (and that avoids costs and eliminates the chance of rejection)
2. You don’t need an Apple version and an Android version, one app works on both.

Your visitors can install your PWA on their iPhone directly from your web site using their Safari browser; a similar process installs it on an Android phone with Chrome.

This works regardless of how the visitor arrived at your site, whether social media shares, SEO, SERPs or paid ads.

Now to see your site, they just select your app. No starting a browser and entering your URL. Just a tap will do.

Today a new application will be released at 11 AM EDT that simplifies (and reduces the cost) of building a PWA. Now, you don’t have to hire expensive programmers. You can do it yourself in minutes.

This new tool is called Progressive Apps Builder.

The developers say you can easily convert your existing SSL-secure responsive website into a PWA within 15 Minutes.

These PWAs are auto-updating. Whenever your site is updated, the PWA will follow.

If your website is GDPR compliant (it should be), your PWA will also be compliant.

You app is easy to create. Just let Progressive Apps Builder scan your website. It will give you the code to add on your site to make it a PWA. That’s all there is to do.

These PWAs:
1. Are Super-fast
2. Can be Browsed in Offline Mode
3. Support Push Notification on all Android Devices
4. Websites in any niche can take advantage of PWAs.

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And we have a collection of bonuses that will enhance your results:

Progressive Apps Builder Bonuses
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Get the whole story here: Progressive Apps Builder.

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