Rival IQ has announced the release of 2020 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report. This report presents social media findings based on a study of 2,100 of the most engaging brands and companies.

Blair Feehan says, “We’re back with the most comprehensive version yet of our annual Social Media Industry Benchmark Report that studies more than 2,100 of the most engaging brands and companies to analyze what’s really making them so successful on social.

Our biggest report ever features the most important metrics across 14 top industries: Alcohol, Fashion, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Higher Education, Home Decor, Hotels & Resorts, Influencers, Media, Nonprofits, Retail, Sports Teams, and Tech & Software. 

This report has everything you need to measure your social media success against your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram across these 14 major industries. We also feature tons of insights about how social media engagement has changed over the last year for these industries so you can optimize your strategy in 2020. 

As usual, we have channel insights, best post types, Instagram and Twitter hashtags, and more. We also added two new industries (Financial Services and Tech & Software) this year by popular demand”.

2020 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report

Rival IQ

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