If you want to sell your own product or if you want to just get started online, take a look at Affiliate Funnel Bots.

The basic premise of this new software is that it gives you “done for you” affiliate funnels. Here are the details.

Funnels are a marketing tool that professional marketers have used for years to increase their sales. The idea is that once a person has bought a product in a particular niche, they are likely to be interested in other products in that niche., so after they buy, make another offer to them. If you choose the second (and third or fourth) offer carefully, a percent of the original purchasers will also buy the additional offers. The term “funnel” is used because the resulting sales are many for the first offer, with fewer and fewer as additional offers are made.

Amazon has very powerful funnel technology, for example, suggesting additional purchases both before (as a “frequently bought together” bundle) and after (“Customers who bought this item also bought”) your purchase.

The creators of Affiliate Funnel Bots have created funnels of popular products that you can use to build up your own marketing results.

The basic products in your funnels are featured on JVZoo and ClickBank, which offer good affiliate commissions.

In addition, while selling using these funnels, you can build your mailing list, which has an additional future value. These people are already product buyers. They are likely to buy additional products from you in the future.

With Affiliate Funnel Bots, you can launch 20 funnels and websites in a matter of minutes.

There’s a lot of automation built into these funnels, and they are all ready to go.

Your funnels include:
► 30 Professionally created campaign videos
► 30 done-for-you headlines
► 30 Google, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube free traffic campaigns
► Plus resell rights to 7 of best-selling JVZoo products

For simplicity in getting your new funnels operational, Affiliate Funnel Bots is Software as a Service (SaaS), delivered in the cloud.

That means all the hard work has already been done for you. All you need to do is log in and customize your funnels with your name and affiliate links, then publish them on your site or social media.

In fact, the software comes preloaded with the exact affiliate campaigns, products and designs that have been successful in the past.

Watch the demo here: Affiliate Funnel Bots.

And it integrates with these major platforms:
• Aweber
• Getresponse
• Clickbank
• JVZoo
• Warriorplus
• Sendlane
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Google

If you want to sell your own product, included in this package are 7 marketing software tools that you can sell in your funnels. This is different from the affiliate products, which only pay you a commission. In the case of these products, you are the seller, not just a commissioned sales person.

Check out what is possible for you with this new tool. Go here now; the price is rising: Affiliate Funnel Bots.

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