Search engine optimization is an essential process to drive more sales by increasing your website traffic. An effective SEO strategy creates a pool of growth opportunities for your business.

Search Engine Watch contributor Harpreet Munjal has shared six SEO recommendations to improve your SEO performance in 2020.

Munjal says, “SEO is a super competitive and ever-changing industry. The latest technologies like AI, Google algorithmic updates, and SEO myths are making it tougher to grow your business with SEO. In this guide, I’m sharing top SEO recommendations for 2020 to get the full potential of SEO and stay contingent in the game. 

1. Google BERT

Google BERT is one of the major updates from Google that impacted one in ten of all search queries. Google BERT helps Google understand search queries like humans and find the most relevant content for those queries. Google has rolled out the BERT update for all languages and that’s why it has impacted rankings of sites and Featured Snippet results.

Still, Google BERT is just in the beginning stage but over time it will be mature and become more accurate to understand queries and content like humans”.

Six key SEO recommendations that matter in 2020

Search Engine Watch

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