ARTI is brand new software that builds unique content for your website.

It uses your niche definition to locate useful content around the web, content that you can modify, combine, add, subtract, sort and otherwise edit to use in social media, blogs, special reports and even products to build your reputation for expertise in your niche.

Not only can you modify the data any way you want once it has been found, ARTI can do some of the work for you. It has a spinner built in that you can use to create new wording for your content so that it is no longer the same content that was originally found.

On top of this, it can create new articles from videos. Say you have done a training session on the web, and say you have published a recording of your webinar. Using the URL of the recording, it can extract information and create an article based on the recording.

You will want to know that ARTI creates content that is unique; search engines will recognize its uniqueness, and it will pass the Copyscape test.

One other thing may be important to your decision: You are allowed to sell the content that this new tool creates for you, so this could be a second income stream. Check it out here: ARTI.

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