EZ Salary ZToday, at 9:00 EST, Mosh Bari is releasing EZ SalaryZ, a tool that lets you build a monetized membership site in a minute. (For the first 6 hours, there’s an early-bird price.)

Why should you care? Membership sites can be “sticky”, holding on to members for months or years, as long as you continue providing useful content to your members. Why is that good for you? Because:
1. Whenever someone visits your site, you can offer them niche-specific products for sale in your sidebars.
2. As members of your site, they have agreed to receive email from you, and you can offer them niche-specific products in your emails.

How easy is it to create a site? Watch this video. Bari creates a site in 48 seconds: EZ SalaryZ Demo

To take advantage of the power you get in this new tool, choose a niche, from among many available on JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus.

Then there are just 2 simple steps to getting your own niche membership site running:
Step 1: Login to EZ SalaryZ and specify your Membership Site

Step 2: Push a button. All your content, all your videos and all your data is pulled into your Membership Site. All the pages are created automatically, and you can start signing up members right away.

EZ SalaryZ can import data from Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox, to populate our site.

Earn You can earn commissions from advertising products sold on JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus. As you probably know, JVZoo and WarriorPlus primarily sell information marketing products. Clickbank, however, markets products in hundreds of niches. It seems to be the most likely to help you set your sites apart from the other EZ SalaryZ sites.

That’s their sales message. However, a word of caution is probably in order. You don’t want a static site, one that never changes. Otherwise, people will stop buying memberships after the first month or two. You will need to periodically add new content. So you can get started quickly and easily, but there will be work to keep your site viable.

In the online marketing niche, there are lots of sources for relevant content. (See our bonus, for example; it is some quality relevant content.) If you’ve been around for a while and have purchased a few products, you probably have received many bonuses from sellers and their affiliates. Some of them are probably white-label (meaning you can put your own name on them as author and sell them) and reseller rights .

Add these products to your membership site (add one or two new ones to the site every week, for example) and start charging a small fee every month for membership. You may be surprised how many people will sign up.

You will get full training on how to set up and operate a site when you first log in to your membership area.

There is an early bird discount ($22, one time payment) until 3 PM EST. Then the price rises slowly, on a dime sale.

You don’t need web hosting; they do it all, no matter how many sites you have. That can be a real money-saver.

Not only that, whatever autoresponder you use, it will probably integrate seamlessly with EZ SalaryZ (they integrate with 20 of the best-known autoresponders) so it will be easy to add members into your mailing list.

The basic EZ SalaryZ gives you a license to build 10 membership sites. For most people, that is plenty. However, if you are thinking of building an empire, there is an upgrade that allows ou to build an unlimited number of sites.

There’s another available upgrade in which they have already built sites for various niches and populated them with ads for popular products, so all you have to do is activate them.

Any way you go, you can use a sub-domain they assign you or, if you already have a domain name, just connect it to your site with one click. This way, you can take advantage of the uniqueness your domain name provides.

We have collected 5 unique bonuses for for our readers to use on their sites. You won’t find these from any other affiliate.

You can either sell these products to your members (or to anyone else) or you can make them a part of your monthly membership content to keep your members coming back.
► List Building Kickstart Coaching Workshop
► The Blog Kickstart Coaching Workshop
► Paid Advertising Kickstart Workshop
► PLR Profits Vacuum Workshop
► PLR Cash Class IV

But do hurry. The price is frozen for the first 6 hours, only, and after that, the price rises. Get yours here: EZ SalaryZ.

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