Impact contributor Kathleen Booth has published latest Inbound Success podcast episode.

Listen to this episode ‘Handwritten notes can drive better inbound marketing results’ featuring David Wachs to discover new tactics to improve inbound marketing.

Booth says, “heck out the episode to hear exactly how Handwrytten works and how companies large and small are using it to increase sales and improve customer retention.

Highlights from my conversation with David include:

  • David is the Founder of Handwrytten, which enables companies to automate handwritten notes at scale.
  • Handwrytten has a website and smartphone app interface, as well as integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot and Zapier.
  • The notes that Handwrytten creates are generated using robots that hold real pilot G2 ballpoint pens, so they look incredibly authentic.
  • Handwrytten is growing at about 300% a year.
  • Companies use Handwrytten in three different ways: 1) sending thank you notes to customers; 2) e-commerce companies include notes in-box with new orders; and 3) outbound outreach.
  • Handwrytten clients that use handwritten notes for outbound meeting booking requests get 3x to 4x more responses, which tracks with the fact that handwritten envelopes get opened three to four times more than typed ones do.
  • One of the companies e-commerce clients has improved customer retention by 5 to 10% by including handwritten notes in their boxes”.

Handwritten notes can drive better inbound marketing results


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