Investment in your websites and SEO activities can help you to gain more traffic resulting into better business. There are several elements that play an important role in your drive to get more traffic from search engines, for example, quality content, right selection of keywords etc.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Joe Williams has shared seven ways to increase your website traffic from search engines.

Williams says, “I’m going over seven often overlooked techniques step by step. Don’t worry. I’m not going to drown you in jargon or tackle anything super technical.

While I focus on Google – as it’s the most popular search engine by far –these tips can help you get more traffic from other search engines too.

Tip 1: Make sure your pages are indexed

A page needs to be in Google’s index to appear in its results. The index is like a gigantic database of all the webpages in the world. How do you find out whether Google has indexed your page? You can check for individual URLs through the cache method or your overall site with the Google Search Console option”.

Don’t Forget These 7 Tips to Get More Search Traffic

Content Marketing Institute

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