The success of your content marketing campaign depends on the quality of content, SEO strategy, social media efforts and other tools that you have used for promotion.

Impact contributor Liz Moorehead has shared a list of top 17 content marketing tools and apps you need for 2020.

Moorehead says, “Content marketing tools and apps for when you’re putting together content strategies, performing keyword research, and so forth.

1. SEMrush

If you’re a content strategist, content manager, or content creator, you need to get comfortable with keyword research tools. And one of my absolute “never leave home without it” keyword research tools is SEMrush. 

We’ve already shared a massive, top-to-bottom review of SEMrush before, so I’m just going to focus on the specific features I use within SEMrush when performing keyword research.


I use the Keyword Magic Tool to do broad keyword research into content topic opportunities. It not only gets me critical volume and competition data for the target keyword I’m looking for, it also gives me tons of ideas for other keyword opportunities, that are easily sorted or reviewed by a number of factors”.

Top 17 content marketing tools and apps you need for 2020


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