You can make your marketing efforts irresistible by integrating the element of creativity. With creative efforts you can present your brand in a new avatar that people will love.

Marketing Week contributor Andrew Geoghegan’s recent article highlights the importance of creativity in marketing.

Geoghegan says, “Marketers need to deploy creativity against strategic opportunities, a broad audience and balancing long-term and sales-generating activity.

As I reflect on the big themes in marketing in the past year, I am struck by the relative absence of one that has historically been of great importance to brands and marketers: creativity.

Can it really be the case that creativity has ceased to be of critical importance to solving brand problems and engaging potential customers? It seems creativity has fallen out of fashion in a world continuing to make sense of so-called digital channels, data and tech, and artificial intelligence.

Creativity is the oxygen in marketing – it is important in all aspects, from how we understand and collaborate with the people who use our categories, to making sense of brand challenges, and coming up with memorable solutions which will build our brands, as well as landing a sale”.

Marketing needs a culture of creativity

Marketing Week

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