Searchmetrics contributor Tyson Stockton has published a new podcast episode ‘2020 Predictions Month: SEO Predictions for the Media Industry’ featuring John Shehata.

Stockton says, “Google’s efforts to own more of its search ecosystem is forcing media companies to re-examine their own branding efforts and how they use the platform to achieve their marketing goals. Join host Ben as he interviews Conde Nast’s Vice President of Audience Development John Shehata about what content optimization strategies no longer work for brands and how SEO is slowly becoming a business function.


  • Content that is easily answered by Google is not quality content; thoughtful, purposeful content is the future of high-quality content.
  • Instead of creating new content, a best practice moving forward is to find the best piece of content you own, refresh it into a comprehensive guide and eliminate up to 10 pieces of content from your site.
  • Using this method, Shehata saw a 200 – 600% increase in traffic for refreshed content on his site.
  • Media companies are adding more internal technical SEO roles, which is inspired by the need for JavaScript rendering in Google”.

2020 Predictions Month: SEO Predictions for the Media Industry


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