You have been around for a while. You know things a beginner in your field needs to learn.

Why not start a coaching program online and invite beginners to learn from you? This can be a good business and can be a big help to beginners in your field.

You may think you don’t have the skills or knowledge to teach your potential audience the things that they need to know to be successful in your field. Well, there are people who wish they knew as much as you do.

Every day, new people decide to start a business, often an online business these days. They need someone to guide them. It could be you.
Maybe, you are comfortable doing the technical things in your business, but aren’t sure how to be a coach who shows others how to do it.

The Content Sparks team, led by Sharyn Sheldon releases a training program at 11 AM EST today that will build your coaching skill level and build your confidence in your skills at the same time. They call it Create Your Group Coaching Program.

Adding coaching to your business can transform not only your own business success, but think of all the good you will do your the people you help.

You can ue this training to learn coaching skills, Then put your new information and skills to work as you build a coaching program in your niche.

After you have spent some time practicing what you discover in Create Your Group Coaching Program and feel good about your coaching skills, maybe you would like to teach other people to be coaches.

Besides teaching in your original niche, a second stream of income teaching new coaches could be a nice addition to your business.

This program can help you do that, too. It comes in three versions:
1. In what they call the Beacon version, you get everything you need to build your coaching skills:

  • Course Book – Create Your Group Coaching Program
  • Action Guide – for implementing action steps in the course book
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Group Intake Form
  • Accountability Template
  • Group Coaching Planner
  • Summary Cheat Sheet
  • Graphics
  • Infographic – Create Your Group Coaching Program Overview

2. If you already have coaching skills and just want to attract people into your coaching program, the Flash version contains the Lead Generation Materials listed below:

  • Bonus report to give prospective students who opt in to your mailing list, The 5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Group Coaching Program
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (overview of the report)
  • Slideshow – to go with the report
  • 7 Opt-In Report Follow-up Emails to send to invite people to sign up for your coaching program (customize them to your niche. By default, they are for the coaching niche.)
  • 5 Blog Posts
  • Infographic
  • 30 Social Media Posts

3. Finally, there is a version (called the Blaze version) that will give you all the tools you need to teach coaching. Here is what this version includes:

  • All content from the Flash package
  • All content from the Beacon package
  • A Slideshow to use when conducting your training
  • Speaker Notes
  • Slides Handout
  • Suggested Curriculum
  • Implementation Guide
  • Course Follow Up Emails
  • Research Sources
  • Evaluation form
  • Top ways to deliver your training
  • Instructions for using your content

    Since the content is all rebrandable, you can place your own logo on it (and change anything else you choose) and you will have your own professional coaching program for teaching new coaches, or change the text in the materials to teach anything else using these slide style templates, etc.

    For one week, there is special pricing in celebration of the launch. Check it out here: Create Your Group Coaching Program

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better:

    When you invest in : Create Your Group Coaching Program during the next few days, you’ll receive an email with a bonus “ready-to-go” 5-Day Challenge for your coaching students to help you monetize your coaching groups straight away.

    One last time, get your own copy here: Create Your Group Coaching Program

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