Publishers, such as IM NewsWatch and other website operators, use Google’s “nofollow” link attribute while linking to a page but they don’t want to imply any type of endorsement, including passing along ranking credit to another page.

Google introduced this attribute a decade ago. The company is going to make changes to it in the next month.

State of Digital contributor Jodie Harris has published an in-depth article highlighting Google’s new rule on digital marketing and PR.

Harris says, “Any link builder who has worked on a digital PR campaign will know – a nofollow link can be the bane of your life. Especially when all hope of attaining  links from a high domain authority site is dashed after it’s deemed to have ‘no SEO value’.

And this has become harder over time. More titles and most publishing sites worth their salt have stepped back from giving away link equity, executing a blanket nofollow link policy.

Sites like Buzzfeed, Hearst, and the Independent have all implemented these nofollow link policies sitewide, putting link builders in a tough spot where a great domain with a vast reach won’t pass on any SEO value.

If time wasn’t an issue, you might be in a position to compromise by targeting sites that include follow links instead of the larger sites that don’t”.

How Google Nofollow Rule Changes Digital PR

State of Digital

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