Content marketing has several advantages apart from product marketing. You content helps you to influence people and win more backlinks – which works as a great SEO strategy.

Search Engine Journal’s James Brockbank has shared eleven ways to help you build more links with content marketing.

Brockbank says, “Here are five content marketing techniques which only need a minimal budget to execute, with the main resource requirement here being time and knowledge with the availability of a graphic designer to add extra visual appeal to content ideal if available but by no means essential.

1. Case Studies

If you’re doing great work, why not tell the world about it?

Others love to hear how their peers go about their work and there’s a lot which can be learned from a well put-together case study.

Once you begin to share a case study across social media and within your networks, your insight into the processes becomes valuable and you typically won’t struggle to utilize these to earn links from industry publications.

Once published, so long as a case study is insightful, data-driven and detailed, by all means, go ahead and forward to the editors of a number of publications within your space”.

11 Ways to Build Links Through Content Marketing

Search Engine Journal

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