Impact contributor Liz Moorehead has published an article highlighting five marketing books published in 2019.

5 best marketing books you might have missed in 2019

In her article Liz has talked about the following books:

  1. They Ask, You Answer (2nd Edition) by Marcus Sheridan
  2. Conversational Marketing by David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt
  3. The End of Marketing by Carlos Gil
  4. Marketing Rebellion by Mark W. Schaefer
  5. Think Do Say by Ron Tite.

Liz says, “At first, I wasn’t sure I was the right person to write this article. 

This is mostly due to the fact that my nightstand is currently stacked with multiple piles of “I am totally going to read this next” books that are, of course, as yet unread. 

Memoirs, marketing books, a retrospective on World War I by Martin Gilbert

But then I realized this is exactly why I’m the right professional procrastinator to author this marketing books round-up.

Who better than yours truly — someone who acutely understands the pain of always being 15 steps behind the proverbial reading eight-ball — to give it to you straight about the marketing books from this year that you may have missed but should prioritized”.

5 best marketing books you might have missed in 2019


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