If you could use trending news stories to build your business, you could take advantage of the inherent interest people have in new and interesting content.

TrendMonetizer allows you to ethically use trending videos and articles in your own marketing and reap the benefits.

With this new software, you can use the content you find as your own by adding your custom marketing messages into them. You can even insert clickable buttons to lead people to take action.

Use them to drive traffic, increase conversions, capture leads and, ultimately, improve your marketing results. TrendMonetizer lets you share your creations on social media to help you build your authority in your niche.

Because of its social media features, it doesn’t require a website or and technical skills. It handles the traffic generation needed to get your creations seen.

This is Software as a Service (SaaS); you run it in a browser, so it works both for Mac and for PC (and if your personal computer happens to run Linux, that’s fine, too.)

You have the option of an agency license (just $3 extra)that lets you use TrendMonetizer to build custom videos and text for clients as another revenue stream.

Build your marketing on the hot topics of the day. Get this new software here: TrendMonetizer.

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