Google Discovery Ads helps you to reach your target audience with the integration of artificial intelligence technology.

To help you better understand Google Discovery Ads, Hallam’s Irina Holliday has published a comprehensive article.

Holliday says, “Google Discovery Ads present a new step in advertising and a different way of expanding your inventory by getting your ads in front of people before they know they want your products/service. It is, however, not the same as standard Google Display and even Facebook or Instagram inventory, where people often do feel annoyed about ads. In Google Discover, people do want to see new things, but they do want ads to be tailored to their preferences. Plus it has the great potential to be much more engaging. 

 There is much talk about advertisers stepping away from keywords and moving more towards targeting audiences for a while now. This could be the first step towards taking a break from the long list of keywords and engaging with a specific audience through a fast-growing medium”.

An Introduction to Google Discovery Ads


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